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michael jackson v2
a performer since the age of five, michael jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the '80s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists in history. referred to as the king of pop, michael is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by guinness world records. his 1983 album, 'thriller,' holds the record for the best-selling album ever, selling an estimated 110 million copies so far. he was the first black artist to find stardom on mtv, breaking down innumerable boundaries both for his race and for music video as an art form.

born in gary, indiana on august 29, 1958, michael jackson is the fifth son of steelworker joe jackson. from the age of five his amazing talent showed itself. his dead-on mastery of james brown's dance moves and soulful, mature-beyond-his-years vocals made him a natural focal point, especially given his incredibly young age. by the age of 11, he became the dominant voice and focus of the family pop group, jackson 5. the group signed to motown in 1968 and issued their debut single in october 1969. "i want you back," "abc," "the love you save," and "i'll be there" all hit number one in 1970, making the jackson 5 the first group in pop history to have their first four singles top the charts.
following a name-change to the jacksons, due to legal dispute with motown, michael was the lead songwriter from 1976 to 1984 and during this time, he made acquaintance with quincy jones, who agreed to produce michael's first solo album in four years.
titled 'off the wall,' michael's first solo album was a big success around the world and the first ever album to release a record breaking 4 no.1 singles in the us. stevie wonder and paul mccartney both have writing credits on the album. it featured an infectious blend of pop and funk with such hit tracks as the grammy award-winning "don't stop 'til you get enough," "rock with you," and the title track. michael also found success with the ballad "she's out of my life."
in 1982 michael and quincy again joined forces on the 'thriller' album, which generated seven top 10 hits. with around 110 million copies sold out, 'thriller' is the best selling music album of all time. the videos that accompanied the singles released from the album set new standards for complexity, length, expense, spectacle and cinematic intent, that continued to be a feature of michael's career. on a television special honoring motown, michael performed "billie jean" and debuted his soon-to-be-famous dance move called the moonwalk. in 1984, the album earned 12 grammy award nominations and won eight of those awards.
michael reunited with his brothers to produce the album ‘victory.’ 1984 saw the last concert of the victory tour and this was the time when michael decided to go solo. michael also featured in the grammy-winning music video “we are the world” and also wrote the lyrics for it along with lionel richie. this record was used for a lot of charity work especially for the famine in east africa.
in 1987 michael released his much awaited third solo album, titled 'bad,' and lauched his record breaking first solo world tour. the follow-up to 'thriller' featured five no. 1 hits, including "man in the mirror," "the way you make me feel," and the title track, which was supported by a video directed by martin scorsese. it did not top 'thriller' as a commercial or artistic triumph, but 'bad' was still a substantial success in its own right.
1988, michael wrote his first autobiography, moonwalk, talking for the first time on his childhood and his career. at the end of the 1980s michael was named 'artist of the decade' for his success off of his 'thriller' and 'bad' albums
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in 1991 michael signed with sony music the largest ever recording contract and released his fourth solo album, 'dangerous.' the biggest hit from the album was 'black or white', which was accompanied by a controversial video, which featured several scenes which were construed as having a sexual and violent nature. the 14 minute video was edited to remove the offending scenes. the video was premiered in 27 countries simultaneously and had the largest ever viewing figures for a music video (around 500 million). "heal the world," also released from the same album, addressed social issues. it featured the children and their sufferings and was one of the few videos of michael that did not actually include him.

in the upcoming years michael's music continued to enjoy wide-spread popularity. in 1993, he performed several important events, including the half-time show at superbowl xxvii. michael also gave a rare television interview, which aired that february. sitting down with oprah winfrey, he explained that the change in his skin tone was the result of a disease known as vitiligo. michael also opened up about the abuse he suffered from his father.
despite his popularity and good works, michael became the subject of a major scandal. in 1993 a thirteen-year-old boy accused michael of sexually abusing him at the star's home. the police searched his neverland ranch, but they found no evidence to support the claim. the following year, michael settled the case out of court with the boy's family. other allegations emerged, but michael maintained his innocence.
in the year 1994, michael created shocking news by marrying lisa marie presley, daughter of rock legend elvis presley, in a secret ceremony. the media again speculated whether this marriage was only a method to put an end to the rumors that questioned his sexuality. the marriage only lasted for 19 months, as they divorced in 1996.
in 1995, michael attempted to put the focus back on his music by preparing 'history: past, present and future, book 1,' a two-cd set featuring one disc of new material and one of his greatest hits. the album went straight to the number one slot in several countries worldwide in june 1995. the song "scream" had singer and sister janet jackson in a duet with michael and the lavishly made science fiction inspired video that accompanies it won a grammy award for the best short-form music video and also an mtv award for best choreography in 1995.
in between legs of the tour on november 14, 1996, michael married debbie rowe, a nurse he had met in the treatment of his skin pigment disorder. together they had their first child prince michael joseph jackson jr, born on february 13 1997, and a daughter, paris michael katherine jackson, born on april 3rd 1998. the couple divorced in 1999.
in 1997 michael released the remix album 'blood on the dance floor' which also contained 5 new song linked with a 38min film ghosts. in this film michael played 5 roles using the latest special effects and make-up artistry, combined with his dance and music.
in 2001, michael was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame, and later held a massive concert at madison square garden celebrating the 30th anniversary of his first solo record. among many other celebrity guests, the show featured the first on-stage reunion of the jacksons since the victory tour.
his new album, 'invincible,' was released late in the year, marking the first time he'd released a collection of entirely new material since 'dangerous.' shortly after the album's release there were rumors of a rift with sony music and a clear lack of promotion of the album. featuring the big hit "you rock my world," the album sold nearly 8 million copies all over the world.
early in 2002, michael had another son, prince michael ii (also known as ‘blanket’) via a surrogate mother, whose identity has not been released.
michael's reputation was again tainted in 2003 when he was charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent, all regarding one boy, named gavin arvizo, who was under 14 at the time of the incidents. in june 2005 he was found not guilty after a three-and-a-half-month trial.
in march 2009, michael annouced a comeback tour at the o2 arena in london to start in july 2009, intially for 10 dates but the total grew to a sold out 50 dates with over 750,000 tickets sold. all sold tickets sold out within minutes of being released, proving that michael still had his place in the music industry as one of the top draws. sadly, michael's 'this is it' tour never materialized.
on june 25th 2009 the pop superstar died suddenly of a reported cardiac arrest. he was 50 years old.
as the world mourns the passing of one of history's most influential and memorable entertainers, it is evident that despite the controversies which have dogged his life, michael jackson's extraordinary career achievements and ground-breaking influence on the music industry and global pop culture will be his lasting legacy

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