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don't go
don't go." she moaned from underneath the covers.

"no, i have to go. remember, it's called work, it pays the bills."

he pulled himself to sit up in the bed with the sheets covering his naked body. she pulled her arms around his chest. putting all her weight on his chest she pulled herself into a sitting position and started to nibble on his neck. she tried to tempt him to take the day off. as much as he wanted to take the day off and spend the morning making love to her he knew he had to go to work. as much to his dismay he pulled a towel over his waist and headed for the bathroom.

"need some company?"

he heard her voice calling to him from the bed. he knew that if she joined him he would be tempted even more to stay with her. she didn't have to worry about getting up; she worked at night in the club. unlike her, he had to get up in the morning for work. a little shower couldn't hurt and he wouldn't be seeing her until dinner. but if she did join in he wouldn't be able to leave the apartment.

"i think i should do this wash alone."

he started his shower as she slipped into a sweet dream of what the night could bring to them.


it didn't really bother her that he wouldn't let her join him in the shower, or that he refused to take the day off. she knew he did have to work and so did she. still, he said nothing to her, nothing at all about what the day was. it was their 4-year anniversary and he had said nothing. maybe he was going to surprise her, but it wasn't like him to have surprises. as much as her heart wished he would have something special for the evening, she knew he had probably forgotten. four years together and nothing really special, god knows she surprised him enough. nothing was different except how he would seduce her. oh, she loved that, but it wasn't enough. not to mention she wouldn't mind making a bigger commitment, but not that he was never going to ask her. the idea was too big and so was the decision for him. it was the "forever" part that got to him. still, she was happy that he kept the relationship going. sometimes she feared that she loved him more than he loved her. 11am with bowl of frosted flakes and a beatles cd playing "i'm so tired" in the background she sits waiting for him to call her and talk for an hour.


the polish sausage deli sandwich was exactly what he needed. a good hardy sandwich tasted so rich in his mouth. after a hard mornings work he needed a good lunch. he couldn't help but think about her. she probably was eating a breakfast/lunch right now. he thought it was really cute how she would wake up at 10:30 while he waked up at 5 so that he could get to work. she always slept in. it wasn't a sleeping problem, she worked at night. the club was good job for her any way. it let her show off her talent at a small comfy place and no early wake up calls. it always surprised him how she always woke up before him on his birthday. she had signs made and posted on the walls and even in the mirror. she had already presents out and a coffee cake. every year he would wake up and there she would be sitting, with a cup of tea, awake at the table for him. there were times he waited for her. some nights he would go to the club just to hear her sing but others he had something else planned. he would wait for her at night. they barely saw each other except at night or during the weekends. that's why they both cherished the nights they spent together. he really did love her. he knew she thought he didn't love her as much as she loved him, but it wasn't true. he wasn't good at showing that he loved her. she showed it by leaving him little notices or calls and sometimes she would pick something up for him just because she wanted to. he didn't know what he would do without her being there in the morning, without trying to get him sleep in with her. she had told him that he was her smile and that without him she wouldn't have a reason to smile. but he saw it differently, he couldn't stand to not see her smile, it drove him crazy. he would walk to the ends of the earth to find a cure for her when she's depressed. but now living with him she wasn't depressed as much. he loved her smile and he couldn't stand it not being with her in the morning.


"he hasn't called or said anything?"

"nothing, i don't know if i'm supposed to do something for him again or what."

"well did you get him something for your anniversary?"

"of course! do you think i should remind him?"

"i say wait, you never know what he could come up with."

"it's not like him to have surprises."

"i know but he might have something. just don't tell him yet."

"i've already decided what i'm doing tonight at the club. i'm leaving him a message that i want him to be there at the club. then when i see him there i start singing our song."

"that is so cute! here, hold him for a second. my arms need a rest."

she took the baby in her arms and held him carefully as she rocked him softly to sleep.

"you know, we'd love to baby-sit. just call us, if you can't reach me at home just call my cell phone. i don't go a lot of places, maybe to get groceries every now and then."

"thanks but i have to hold on to him right now. in a couple of months maybe but he needs to be with just his mommy now."

"i can't believe you're a mother. i just never thought i'd be holding your kid before i was even married."

"well don't be too upset. you know we are 28, almost 30."

"oh god, i'm so excited."

"i just need to rest."

while rocking the baby she started singing "lullaby" by billy joel and soon mother and son were fast asleep. she laid the baby carefully in his crib and pulled a blanket over the mommy. she just sat down and watched them sleep. they had been friends for god knows how long. she remembered when they would break out into musical numbers in the middle of the street and laugh and pretend they could dance. now she had a baby with a loving husband and everything a woman wants at their age. still they couldn't go out the same way but they were older now and more mature. she was still lonely. she found herself going to visit her friends and their families while she was still dating. wanting a family so much she just sat there and waited for the mother and son to wake up thinking if she would ever be as lucky.


please come to the club tonight. i'd like you to be there while i'm still working.


she probably wanted to celebrate while he had his own idea for celebrating the day. he knew well it was their 4-year anniversary. they hadn't gotten married 4 years ago, still dating each other. they hadn't met on 4 years ago; they knew each other for years. no, 4 years ago he saw her at the club and bought her a drink after work. it was their first real date 4 years ago. being old friends and not seeing each other in a while he was caught by her voice and he saw her smile. that smile seemed to almost put him in a trance. about 2 years later they decided to move in. part of it was because they wanted to move to a new level; also she needed a place to live. ever since they have been together and shared everything. she even let him eat the last of the mashed potatoes sometimes. potatoes were her favorite and by letting him finished them off showed she loved him a lot. this made him feel special. still he would leave her little snacks of pudding in the fridge. she also loved pudding. he felt he had to get her some even when she didn't ask him. every day at his lunch break he would pick up a package of snack packs for her. by the next day the six-pack would be gone. placing the snack packs in the refrigerator he decided to shower and change before he went over to the club.


as she sang she waited to see him. she kept an eye out for him and it took him a while to get there. but when she saw him she suddenly lit up and the song got brighter with more meaning. once the song was done she whispered over to the band about the plan she had told them weeks in advance.

"this one goes out to my boyfriend of four years today, this is what a wonderful world."

as she sang she kept her eyes on him as he watched her with loving eyes. it was almost like the words were written for them. sure it wasn't really a love song but it was their song and it showed how the world looked in her eyes when she was with him. once the instrumental interlude came on she motioned him to get on the dance floor. she walked off the stage and they just started dancing. she loved to dance with him; it was the sweetest thing in the world to her. nothing could've been better than to just dance with him.

she whispered in his ear, "happy anniversary."

he just kept on holding her as they moved around the dance floor. she didn't want to move but the instrumental part was almost finished. she pulled apart from him and finished the song up front. when it was done she was finished for the night. they would have dinner and then go to bed. she tried to get off the stage but he got up there with her and told her he had something to say. she just stood away from the mike as he talked into it.

"usually i don't do these type of things, least of all in public. i have been lucky enough to be with this lovely woman for 4 years. as a matter of fact this was where we had our first date. for two years now we've had to share everything, even the bathroom. but as we all know sometimes just sharing an apartment, after time, isn't enough. we need more in life. we need to share more. so that's why i'm up here tonight in front of all you people to finally pay my lovely girl-friend back for putting up with me all these years."

as he said the last words he pulled a black velvet box out of his coat pocket. her heart almost skipped a beat. he opened it up to reveal a diamond ring. as he held it out to her he said, "will you marry me?"

the words slipped out of his mouth almost too quickly, she could see he was nervous. but she knew now that it wasn't commitment that was scaring him, it was the fear of losing the relationship they had at the time. he was afraid she wouldn't want to stay by his side forever, so he left the question hidden. with her hands cupped over her mouth and water filled eyes she managed to say yes. it was the biggest surprise she had ever gotten. once she said yes his face changed, it was calm again. when someone is in love sometimes you can see him or her sort of glowing and there's no way of hiding it. well, now the two were glowing as they were in each other's embrace
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